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Centroclave is the ideal steam sterilizer for surgical units, emergency rooms, large dental clinics, veterinary or outpatient surgical clinics, providing versatil and operational simplicity.

  • Integral steam jacket
  • AISI 316L stainless steel chamber
  • Microcomputer control with colour touch screen
  • Manual hinged door
  • Vacuum system by means of a liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Stainless steel steam generator
  • Side panels made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Safety system against door opening in mid-cycle in case of power failure
  • Incorporated energy and water saving systems
  • Extended listing with errors associated to eventual cycle-specific failures
  • Chamber electrolytic polishing
  • Exterior loading car
  • Rolling load platform
  • Load baskets
  • Water softner
  • Two-channels graph record
  • Chamber, jacket and steam manometers
  • Wheels for an easy transport
  • Alphanumeric digital printer for sterilization process data registration
  • (Open liquids with product probe)
  • (Medical waste sterilization with treatment of air and condensates)
  • (Media sterilization)
  • (Baby Bottles)
External network connections
Network Features
ELECTRIC 3 ~ + N + T 400V 50Hz 11,5 kW
WATER Maximum pressure 6 Bar
Minimum pressure 3 Bar
Connection 3/4” BSP
POWER 11,5KW, With Steam Generator
2,5Kw, Without Steam Generator
DRAIN Material resistant to 100 ºC
2” BSP connection
Heating up
Vacuum test
Bowie & Dick test
Standard at (wrapped - Textiles) 134 ºC
Contrainers at 134 ºC
Contentores 134 ºC
Standard at sensible materials 121 ºC
Rapid at (rigid endoscopy material and instrument) 134 ºC
Ref. Description Price
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